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RICARICABILE ("Rechargeable" in English): thought for an occasional or tourist use of the public charging infrastructures. The purchase of a prepaid credit (40€, 75€, 140€ + VAT) guarantees to the Client the possibility to recharge within 12 months up to 100, 200 or 400 kWh. When the prepaid credit expires, the Client can recharge via PayPal on the website mobility.dufercoenegia.com. At the end of the 12 months the Client can recharge a new amount (maintaining valid also the previous credit unconsummated), maintain the active credit for additional 12 months (to the cost of 6€ + VAT for connected administrative burdens) or return the Card by ordinary mail to Duferco Energia spa, via Paolo Imperiale 4 5°piano c/o Mobility, 16126 Genoa.

FLAT: thought for a frequent use of the public charging infrastructures. As a monthly subscription for 24 months, it guarantees to the Client unlimited recharges up to 300 kWh / month (which correspond to around 1.800 km / month for many cars) at the cost of 15 € + VAT for the first 6 months and 25€ + VAT for the following 18 months. At the overcoming of the monthly threshold, a surcharge of 25€ / month can be debited to the Client (which will match to new 300 kWh). With effect from the 25th month the economic conditions may be updated, otherwise they will be extended.
At the end of the contract, if the Client do not return the Card, the Supplier will debit the cost of the connected administrative services to the deactivation of the contract equal to 15€ + VAT.
To request a Duferco Energia Card, simply send to mobility@dufercoenergia.com a request for a Flat or Ricaricabile (= “Rechargeable”) Card. We will then send you the contract to be completed and to return signed, with every information about the activation and the payment methods. Once received the signed contract and made the payment, we will proceed with the activation and the shipment of your Duferco Energia Card.
It would be better to require the Card a few weeks before the period of use. In any case the delivery time is 5 working days in Italy and 8/10 working days in Europe. In case of an urgent request, we can send the Card in Italy or abroad with express courier service 48 h.
All the shipments are borne by us, free of charge for the customer.
The Duferco Energia Card is enabled on over 750 charging stations distributed throughout the national territory (over 80 cities in Italy). The map on the website mobility.dufercoenergia.com shows the infrastructures enabled to the service, with information constantly updated about their availability.
The charging points showed on the website are the only ones enabled to the service.
Almost all the infrastructures allow a recharge from 3 kW to 22 kW AC, with a type 3A plug and a Type 2 plug. The infrastructures that allow the recharge up to 50 kW DC are endowed with Chademo, CCS – Combo cables (and sometimes type 2 for the recharge in AC). The map on the website mobility.dufercoenergia.com also gives this information.
At any time, you may request an update on your consumption writing to the e-mail address mobility@dufercoenergia.com. Furthermore, it will be our duty to inform you when you are about to reach the threshold of consumption.
In the case of exhaustion of the pre-paid kWh for the product RICARICABILE (“Rechargeable”) you may recharge your Duferco Energia Card by entering the external code of the Card in the special space for the recharge on the home page of the website mobility.dufercoenergia.com and then recharge via PayPal.
In case of overcoming of the monthly threshold for the product FLAT, the additional cost will be charged the following month.
In case of loss, theft or deterioration of your Duferco Energia Card don't hesitate to write to the e-mail address mobility@dufercoenergia.com or to call the Toll-free number 800.92.22.00 for the deactivation of the Card. You can get a duplicate of it at the cost of 15€ + VAT. You will receive it free at the address indicated.
At the end of the 12 months the Client can recharge a new amount (maintaining valid also the previous credit unconsummated), maintain the active credit for additional 12 months (to the cost of 6€ + VAT for connected administrative burdens) or return the card by ordinary mail to Duferco Energia spa, via Paolo Imperiale, 4, 5°piano c/o Mobility, 16126 Genoa.
From the twenty-fifth month after the date of activation of the Card, the economic conditions may be updated, previous written communication from Duferco Energia to the Customer within the deadline of 2 (two) months before to the expiration of the same. In case of absence of communication of the price update, the economic conditions applied are intended to be extended. For every detail about recess and right of rethinking.
The invoice, unless any different request from the Customer, will be sent to the email / PEC address indicated in phase of entering of the personal data.
No, the card is associated only with the vehicle stated on the contract. Any non-compliant behaviors may be sanctioned, as pointed out by the contractual specifications.
No, in compliance with law, in Italy it is not possible to be connected to the infrastructures through adapters.
For commercial issues you can contact the toll-free number 800.92.22.00 or to write to mobility@dufercoenergia.com in office hours 9-13, 14-18.

For technical problems you can call the toll-free number or write to the address mobility@dufercoenergia.com and the cell phone number indicated by the vocal message to the toll-free number 800.92.22.00 for 24h support on the infrastructures owned by Duferco Energia spa.
The parking is regulated by the competent municipal authorities; it would be necessary to contact the Local Police office.
To access the service, it is necessary to be a Duferco Energia Customer. On some charging infrastructures it is reported the possibility to get in a local support point (Tourist Office, Business Partners, ...) a Card for an emergency recharge.
In the event of an emergency, the site mobility.dufercoenergia.comalso includes the “Strutture Amiche” (= ”Friendly Structures” in English), Private Facilities (e.g. Hotels, Restaurants, ...) which are endowed with charging points that may be available to Duferco Energia Customers for emergency recharges. In case of need it is recommended to contact the Structure, which manages the access to the charging point independently.
Green charging stations are available, while orange ones are partially occupied and red charging stations are momentarily unavailable. There are also gray charging stations, which are in maintenance. Light blue color indicates the Strutture Amiche ("Friendly Structures"). Tesla's Supercharger and the charging stations that offer free access have a dedicated icon.
On the website mobility.dufercoenergia.com you can enter the destination address in the box (clicking then Go) dedicated to the localization of the nearest charging stations in the area of interest.
Starting from a charging station and entering the original address (the current position, if the setting is active, is the 'start' of default) the route will be displayed via Google Maps.
For a correct recharge, it is necessary to observe the following procedure:
1. Insert the cable on the car side;
2. Pass the Duferco Energia Card on the sensor of the charging station;
3. Received the signal from the charging station, insert the cable into the charging station plug;
4. The recharge is starting;
5. To stop the recharge: pass the Card on the sensor, extract the cable on the charging station side and then on the car side.
For charging infrastructures which have different start / stop modalities, charging instructions are available on the same infrastructure.
Recharge’s time depends on the charging power of the infrastructure, on the battery’s capacity and on the capacity of the vehicle’s battery charger. The most common charging infrastructures in AC allow recharges to 3 kW (through both Type 2 and Type 3A sockets) and up to 22 kW just through Type 2 sockets. More than 80% of a 20 kW battery - an 'empty' battery - recharges in one hour through 22 kW. Through 3 kW a battery needs from 6 to 8 hours to get the same result. In direct current (DC), 80% of the recharge is achieved in less than 30 minutes.
For battery capacity, battery charger features (sometimes optional on the same vehicle model) please refer to the producer's information.
No, at the moment in Italy it is not possible to book a recharge on public infrastructures.


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