Electric vehicle charging network


For who wants to recharge often at public charging stations
25€/month + VAT

As a monthly subscription for 24 months, it guarantees to the Customer recharges up to 300 kWh per month (up to 1800 km!)

Free charging session up to 3 hours at the activation!
Free activation on line
Web and mobile APP management
Tax deductibility as the long term rented vehicle
Solution dedicated to the charging network in the Valle d'Aosta Region
0,2697€/kWh + VAT

€/kWh updated every quarter and equal to the cost for the CPO

Pre-paid amount valid until june 2020
Free activation on line
Web and mobile APP management
The Card can be easily recharged online and via APP with PayPal or Credit Card
Made for an occasional use of public charging infrastructures
2,50€/hour including VAT and taxes
Can be activated via SMS and mobile APP
Up to a 3-hours charging sessions using D-Mobility
Download D-Mobility APP for iOS and for Android!
Start a charging session sending a SMS to phone number 4882882, indicating the socket code (only from Italian SIM)
Web and mobile APP management
Sign in at My Mobility to activate a spot charging session

Try now our App D-Mobility to be always update on the stations’ status and start a charging session from your smartphone


E-Via! is the e-charging network for EVs, installed by the Regional Minister for production, energy and work policies of the Valle d’Aosta autonomous Region, thanks to the funding ofthe PNIRE 2014 programme of the Ministry of infrastructure and transport. There are 35 charging stations in the Valle d'Aosta Region: 11 in Aosta and 24 along the main road of the region and the main valleys. Two other stations have been installed in Aosta, through the“City Port” project and are fully compatible with the E-via! network. Same thing goes for the stations of the Strade Verdi network, already operational in the Region. Until June 2020, the e-charging services are carried out by Duferco Energia Spa.


In the Valle d’Aosta region, electric vehicles are exempt from the annualc vehicle tax for 5 years, after which the amount due is reduced by 75%. In Aosta, electric vehicles can park for free in charged car parks and do not pay the access fee for restricted driving zones (ZTL). Other municipalities: check with the local authorities.

To recharge

Get your Mobility Card on line here. Use promo-code “Aosta” to activate a Ricaricabile-VdA. For occasional charges: send an SMS to phone number 4882882, indicating the socket code (only from Italian SIM) or scan the socket QR code via App D-Mobility! For any support call the tool-free number 800 92 22 00 or the mobile number +393457051126.


Toll-free number:

Technical support for Electric Mobility:
24/7 in Italian, English and French

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