Public charging services

Free delivery to the specified address, between 2 and 7 working days

Free activation on line, Web and mobile APP management

For all customers technical support 24/7, multilingual: Italian, French and English

Solutions available on MEPA (the e-market for PA)!

For who wants to recharge often at public charging stations
25€/month + VAT
As a monthly subscription for 24 months, it guarantees to the Customer recharges up to 300 kWh per month (up to 1800 km!)

Free charging session up to 3 hours at the activation!

Tax deductibility as the long term rented vehicle

FLAT 3A for your Type 3A plug electric vehicle’s recharges up to 3,5 kW

This solution is designed for people who want to have a ready-to-use charging solution in their pocket
40€ x 100 kWh + VAT 75€ x 200 kWh + VAT and 140€ x 400 kWh + VAT
To be used within 12 months from activation, with free renewal after recharging new kWh

The best choice by foreign users to recharge their electric car in Italy!

The Card can be easily recharged online and via APP with PayPal or Credit Card

Supposed for occasional use
only for recharging infrastructure enabled
2,50€/hour including VAT and taxes
Can be activated via SMS and mobile APP
Download D-Mobility APP for iOS and for Android!

Sign in at My Mobility to activate a spot charging session

Start a charging session sending a SMS to phone number 4882882, indicating the socket code (only from Italian SIM)


Toll-free number:

Technical support for Electric Mobility:
24/7 in Italian, English and French

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Duferco Energia SpA is the Duferco Group’s company that operates in the Italian energy market. It was created to manage Group’s investment in hydroelectric and photovoltaic power plants, later it focused on electric energy and gas trading and selling to all market segment.

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