Services for Public Charging

  • FLAT: 300 kWh at the price of 25€ per month + VAT, to travel up to 1,800 km!
  • RICARICABILE: 100, 200 or 400 kWh at 40€, 70€ or 140 € + VAT prepaid and valid for 12 months. Reaching the threshold, you can easily charge on line with Credit Card or PayPal here
  • FLAT 3A at the special price of 10 € / month + VAT just for Type 3A plug electric vehicles

Login to My Mobility to start and stop charge sessions directly with the app (on a selected number of charge points)

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Home Charging Services

Are you a Green Mover? Only on-line a dedicated Power and/or Gas contract with special conditions:

  • Discount of 0,5€/MWh for the electric energy and of 0,5c€/smc for the gas on the protection prices set by the Authority
  • 100% green energy without any additional cost
  • possibility to purchase a wall-box up to 7 kW from 25€ + VAT for 24 instalments

Charging infrastructures and fittings

  • Wall-box:from 3,5 kW up to 22 kW, ideal for private or for private with public access installations.
  • Charging stations: up to 50 Kw, ideal for public installations and for fast charging. Up to four vehicles charging at the same time.
  • Cables: necessary for every EV’s charge from public charging infrastructures. There are many measures and lengths.

Struttura amica

Become a Struttura Amica with the e-mobility pack option, which guarantees:

  • supply contract at the best market price
  • 100% green energy for at least 24 months
  • free deferred payment of the cost for a 7 kW wall-box

Free signaling of the structure on the on-line map and in APP!


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Technical support for Electric Mobility:
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Innovation, energy and sustainability

Duferco Energia SpA is the Duferco Group’s company that operates in the Italian energy market. It was created to manage Group’s investment in hydroelectric and photovoltaic power plants, later it focused on electric energy and gas trading and selling to all market segment.

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