The Elviten project

Elviten in Genoa: welcome on board!

ELVITEN = Electrified L-category Vehicles Integrated into Transport and Electricity Networks

Duferco Energia installed 60 charging points dedicated to EL-Vs and 24 e-bike lockers in Genova

An EL-V is a light electric vehicle that can have two, three or four wheels.

By registering on the D-Mobility App, you can charge for free on Elviten charging points!

The Elviten project
  • Increase the use of light electric vehicles replacing traditional combustion vehicles
  • Improve the existing transport networks of six European cities (Bari, Berlin, Genoa, Malaga, Rome and Trikala) making transferring and parking much easier
  • Increase the use of light electric vehicles replacing traditional combustion vehicles
  • It is proposed to facilitate the movements and parking of users
  • Promote the use of electric vehicles for citizens, tourists and local companies
  • Increase the awareness of the benefits of electric mobility
  • Define new business models for services correlated to light electric vehicles

The ELVITEN project in Genoa aims to
  • Create a network of electric charging stations for EL-Vs integrated into a local, national and European charging circuit;
  • Realizzare aree di sosta gratuita con possibilità di prenotazione
  • Supply free use of EL-Vs (opportunity for use for last-mile logistics)
  • Arrange “Bonuses” for leading a greener life
  • Install a permanent show and offer free test-drives in the electric vehicles of the project
  • Boost awareness of potential users (private individuals, commuters, tourists, couriers and firms)
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