Coop Liguria
Coop project

The Coop project was set up to offer a recharging service to all Coop Liguria members equipped with an electric vehicle.

Currently, the project is aimed at visitors to Coop shopping centers located in six Ligurian municipalities: Albenga, Arenzano, Bolzaneto, Carasco, La Spezia and Sarzana. And further installations are already planned!

By accessing the project, users can recharge their car for free while spending the recharge time in a pleasant and useful way.

Duferco Energia and Coop will launch new promotions and initiatives in favor of Coop members.

The Elviten project

Duferco Energia has installed 60 charging points for EL-Vs and 24 lockers for e-bikes in Genoa.

An EL-V is an electric light vehicle with two, three or four wheels.

The E-via! (And E-Go!) project
Electric vehicle charging network
E-via Mit
E-via Region

And go! is the network of charging stations for electric vehicles, created by the Department of Productive Activities, Energy and Labor Policies of the Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley, thanks to PNIRE 2014 funding from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

There are 35 charging points spread throughout the region, 11 in the city of Aosta and 24 along the central road axis and the main valleys, in addition to the 2 points installed by the Municipality of Aosta as part of the "City Porto" project which are fully interoperable with the E-via! network, as well as the points of the “Strade Verdi” project, already active in the region.

Until June 2020, the management of the service is entrusted to Duferco Energia Spa.